Oranjudio is an audio recording company that provides the highest level solutions for artist and commercial projects.

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Our Mission

We provide a professional environment that suits both commercial and personal audio while allowing freedom and creativity to take precedence over pre-conceived practices and notions.


Every recording at Oranjudio is viewed as a collaboration. Our 10 years experience is simply to provide the tools and skills as a vessel to artist’s vision. Great artists search for a sound, and we aim to find it. 


We’re here to make a producer’s life easy. Oranjudio is equipped to handle the audio for your project from start to finish. Always delivering on time and at the highest quality.

"Oranjudio, more specifically, Brandon helped me record my first three original albums of my music, over two years, we recorded over 25 tracks, bringing together 20+ talented musicians. As an independent songwriter, I had a vision, but I needed a team to make it a reality—Brandon and the team for me were more than just engineers, they were a family. The level of care they take with every project is unparalleled. In the music industry these days, there's a lot of competition. Oranjudio consistently blows the competition away with great sounding mixes, an awesome studio, and above all, great people."

—Joey Viola Singer/Songwriter

"Joey Gurwin, who has collaborated with me on every single project I release, is patient, talented, and passionate about music. I have never been more comfortable with a producer/engineer more than I have with him. You can tell he thrives off a philosophy of balancing his own style while maintaining the artists' uniqueness in every track. Personally, working with his team's open mindedness and range of experience opens a pathway to discover your own sound and grow as a creative...This is more than a production resource and a place to record. It is a family, full of growth and opportunity for artists in any genre."

-Nadiem Music

"I had the opportunity to work with Oranjudio Recording Studios on a VO job. Drew took extremely good care of me and made me feel so comfortable. The files turned out great and my client was very pleased. I will definitely be using this studio again for VO and music work. I highly recommend them!"

-Nadia Marshall Voiceover Artist

"I've worked with hundreds of audio engineers over the years, and these guys are some of my favorites. I'm continually impressed with all of the work that comes of of Oranjudio. They are true pros, and genuinely nice people. Highly recommend."

-Chris Graham Mastering

"After much recommendation and finding the right project, my team decided we would record the ADR for our short film here. I now trust no other studio for anything concerning recording."

-Ason Intrigue Filmmaker/Musician