When building Oranjudio we aimed to create a space where the atmosphere can take on many different forms, while acting as a creative shell for the artist.

Studio A

Studio A is our largest space. Built for sessions from full band albums to corporate voice overs. It is hard to find a job this studio can’t handle. The live room, which houses a 9ft baldwin grand and a Hammond A100 Organ, has a sound that can only be found here. Also included are two iso booths with eyesight to each room.

  • Features
  • Trident 78t 24 channel console
  • Baldwin 9ft Grand Piano
  • Hammond Organ & Leslie
  • Large Live Room
  • Two Iso Booths
  • 3 House Drum Kits

Studio B

Studio B is a bit smaller, but can be just right for many projects. Sporting simply a control room and voice booth. This space is great for voice recording, mixing, voiceovers, ADR, corporate audio, and overdubs.

  • Features
  • Source Connect
  • Single Recording Booth
  • Pro Tools, Logic
  • Voiceovers and Overdubs
  • 8 Microphone Inputs